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space-roaming civilization.

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Our current mission

Going to space is still cumbersome not to mention costly. But the cost of hardware has come down dramatically, WITHOUT comprising on quality. Currently a large chunk of the cost of space missions is just to cover labour. We are therefore divorcing engineering from assembly. We design, engineer and prototype our spacecraft in one place and assemble, integrate and test in a low-cost location. This is a win-win in that the low-cost location will benefit from exporting a high value product while the engineering side will benefit from the cost reduction. This enables not just many more spacecraft per annum, but many more applications as space technology becomes the platform on which other technology companies build.

But…are we just cheaper? Absolutely not! We know being the cheapest is not an innovation in itself. That’s why we’re developing PROSat.

Programmable. Reusable. Orbitless.

Our spacecraft will go to outer space, perform their mission, and then land back on Earth for refurbishment. Upon landing we pick up new tech, new payloads and then send the spacecraft back for another mission. And another. This is NOT JUST about fast turnaround times and the cost reductions of not having to build from scratch; more importantly it enables us to practice landing, a skill that we will use as we land on other celestial bodies including moons, planets and asteroids.

Naturally the ability to come back from outer space also positions us to transport products from in-orbit manufacturers.

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Galamad comes from “Galactic Nomad”. For millions of years, maybe billions, we have been going around the Sun. Year after year... GENERATION AFTER GENERATION. While going to and living on Mars will be a wonderful step forward for humanity, it will in many ways still be similar to Earth. We will be going around the Sun, seeing the same parts of the Milky Way galaxy year after year.

Galamad was founded to build the tools, technologies and philosophies to seed an intergalactic civilization. The descendants of our descendants will see a vastly different part of the cosmos, and thus put together a changing but richer picture of the universe.

There are too few hands, too few brains, working in too few places that it will take forever to truly move humanity toward spacefaring. We therefore do not compete against, but rather complement, the efforts of many around the world who are working on a similar vision. We believe it will take 1 percent of humanity directly working in space engineering in order for us to meaningfully go across the solar system and beyond

Our core values

think big

Galactic Thinking

Thinking about ourselves as dots in this vast galaxy is a core and important perspective. We will shine the light of humanity bright enough to be seen from galaxies afar!

perform engineering miracles

Excellent Engineering

We strive to make engineering marvels that last longer than envisioned, perform better than intended and would scare aliens should they ever encounter them.

be humane

Phenomenal Humaneness

We know of nothing more phenomenal than the human being. In all that we do, we do so in awe of the human species and aim to be as humane as possible within our team and towards other stakeholders


Full mission cycle experience




Experience in antenna design

Working on Comms


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Experience in design for manufacturing

3D printing




Working on thrusters

EDL team


Multiple missions experience

Comms & ADCS


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Stellar Team

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Experience in electronics

Electrical Power System


--Apply AI to space

--Space qualify components

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What our clients (will) Say

This is like Japanese efficiency meets American innovation.

- Benedict Sunichiro

We are so happy to have worked with Galamad to provide access to the internet for 3 thousand islands in Indonesia

- Wang Aini Msimuko

Can't thank Galamad enough! My husband and I went to the moon for our honeymoon. Everything was so smooth, from the checkin at the spaceport, to the oxygen-rich meals on the way and back--all so well-planned!

- Aisha Bint Maktoum

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Galamad Studio Singapore

24 New Industrial Road,


Singapore 536210

Phone: +65 88 536-222

Email: human@galamad.space

Social: @galamadspace

Website: galamad.space

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