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We're here to enable a space-roaming civilization

We believe the next advancement in space is about scale. Instead of a few planetary missions across decades, we look forward to several per year, diverse in terms of missions, in terms of applications. Companies having their own constellations is already becoming the norm. To do things at this scale and greater, we need significantly more space-industry intelligence. Simply more hands and brains. Our approach is to divorce engineering from assembly, with a much leaner engineering team. We design, engineer and prototype our spacecraft in one place and assemble, integrate and test in a low-cost location with a large workfoce. This is a win-win in that the low-cost location will benefit from exporting a high value product while end customer will benefit from the cost reduction. This enables not just many more spacecraft per annum, but a whole new galaxy of applications!

Our mass produced spacecraft can be used for communications and power beaming.

Galamad comes from “galactic nomad”. Since time immemorial we have been going around the sun. Year after year... Generation after generation. While going to and living on Mars will be a wonderful step forward for humanity, it will be still somewhat similar to Earth: we will be going around the Sun, seeing the same parts of the Milky Way galaxy year after year.

Galamad was founded to build the tools, technologies and philosophies to seed a space-roaming civilization. The descendants of our descendants will see a vastly different part of the cosmos, and thus put together a changing but richer picture of the universe.

But of course we won't get there in one step. So we start with the easier stuff like power beaming, asteroid mining, and other applications we've long dreamed of!


Thinking about ourselves as dots in this vast galaxy is a core and important perspective. We will shine the light of humanity bright enough to be seen from galaxies afar!


We strive to make evolving space systems that leverage the best principles from “old-space”–meticulous testing, standardized processes, etc, but we incorporate the latest technologies so we can outgrow our own space heritage.


We know of nothing more phenomenal than the human being. In all that we do, we do so in awe of the human species and aim to be as humane as possible within our team and towards other stakeholders


Discover the depth of our capabilities as we unveil the innovative technologies and expertise that power our endeavors


The establishment of a world-class clean room (ISO 5, Class 100) facility positions GALAMAD AEROSPACE to undertake a wide range of contracts, even those that entail handling sensitive payloads.


In our the state-of-the-art laboratory at GALAMAD AEROSPACE we do rapid prototyping and testing of components and subsystems. This laboratory amplifies the company's versatile contract capabilities.


With years of collective experience, our team is equipped to rapdily deliver on many contracts, including communication and imaging missions, to a variety of destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are working towards PROSat, a versatile spacecraft platform.

The purpose of Galamad Aerospace is to leverage the technological advancements in the last couple of years to produce capable and cost-efficient satellites. We have started with a foot in Singapore for engineering and design and another foot in Africa, where we will assemble and test space systems in larger quantities.

Over time, we will share more details about what the PROSat looks like and its exact mission; however, we are concentrating on some problems the space industry faces. The first is the problem of Reusability, or lack thereof. Where there is reusability currently, it usually comes as an afterthought. Most satellites are designed as single-use objects; however, we want to create a system that ensures satellites are reusable. We launch it, perform a mission, bring it back down, refurbish and relaunch it to complete a new mission. And we do this multiple times. The second is Programmability. Software Defined Radio Transceivers have enabled unprecendented flexibility in spacecraft communications, but that can be extended to other subsystems to create a programmable spacecraft at the software level and highly modular at the hardware level.

We foresee satellites becoming more autonomous--almost Orbitless, especially as we move into a future where potentially millions—or even billions—of satellites will be launched. So it is becoming essential to be capable of alerting other spacecraft that you are in a particular orbit. Designing a system that allows for optimum manoeuvrability when necessary is critical. Achieving this will require advanced algorithms and systems to control space traffic and prevent spacecraft traffic jams and interferences

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